SJÖBECK (show-beck)...


Alternative Rock

Sounds like:

Paramore, Elastica, Garbage, Mitski, Sharon Van Etten


Audrey Sjobeck (Lead Vocals/Keys), Jesse Shafer (Guitar), Jack Seaquist (Guitar), Sophia Martt (Bass), Tessa Hickman (Drums)

Artist bio:

SJÖBECK is an independent rock band that embodies the intersection of alternative music, authentic branding, and unconventional artistry. Every band member co-composes for the project, pulling from a wide range of influences to create a distinctive sound. SJÖBECK’s logos, iconography, and merchandise all feature original artwork by the band. Recently, SJÖBECK has been working hard to expand their platform by opening for bands like American punk rockers Social Distortion and British glam rock band Sweet, all while creating their debut album. 


“SJÖBECK’s voice has a dark quality…The accompanying self-reflective lyrics are poignant and serious, without being trite. There’s enough diversity in these tracks to suggest an ability to perform many genres. A stunning debut, there’s a bright future for this artist, whatever direction [they choose] to go musically.”

- Art Ettinger; Razorcake, Issue 129


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