SJÖBECK (show-beck)...

is an independent alternative rock band formed in Orange County, California. With roots in the punk rock scene, lead singer Audrey Sjöbeck pulls from various genres as a lyricist and co-composer of the band alongside guitarists Jack Seaquist & Jesse Shafer, bassist Sophia Martt, & drummer Tessa Hickman. SJÖBECK pushes the barriers in the music industry through collaborative projects, authentic branding, & thorough determination. As SJÖBECK's platform grows, they have received numerous opportunities such as opening for American punk rock band Social Distortion & creating their debut album. 

“SJÖBECK’s voice has a dark quality…The accompanying self-reflective lyrics are poignant and serious, without being trite. There’s enough diversity in these tracks to suggest an ability to perform many genres. A stunning debut, there’s a bright future for this artist, whatever direction she chooses to go musically.”

- Art Ettinger; Razorcake, Issue 129